Great Question!

👉Hydration from Clean filtered water 💦, herbal teas 🍵 or coconut 🥥 water.

👉Fuel= Energy from nutritious Whole Foods (unprocessed & unrefined) full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 🥘🥗🥦🍋🍎🍆🥑🍇🍍🥝🍉🍌🥒🍠🥕🥔🍊🍒

👉Oil- essential fatty acids found in fish, oils, nuts, seeds, flaxseeds/oil, eggs, 🍳 vegetables, miso. 🍲

👉Protein found in eggs, meat, fish 🐟, quinoa, millet, tempeh, legumes, chickpeas, nuts, nut 🥜 butter, plain yoghurt & cheese 🧀.

Protein helps repair & build your body’s tissues, maintains proper pH, fluid balance, helps form immunoglobulins or antibodies to fight infections, provides energy, transports & stores nutrients etc.

👉Carbohydrates from green vegetables 🥦, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, red cabbage, fruits (citrus & berries). 🍓🍊

Also found in Quinoa, plain yoghurt, lentils, potatoes 🥔, rice noodles🍜, pumpkin , beetroot, whole grain breads. 🍞

Carbohydrates main function is to provide the body with energy, carbs have fiber (type of carb) which helps with digestion & reduces constipation & preserves muscle during starvation.

👉Movement 🏃🏻‍♀️ for our muscles, to support our nervous system, energy, aid in digestion & lymphatic system.

👉Sleep for our bodies to recharge, repair and rest.

👉Breathing fresh air in nature for cleaning the lungs, strengthens the immune system, improves blood pressure and heart ♥️ rate.

👉Stillness to gain clarity, focus, de-stress and be present in the moment.

👉Self love ❤️ and positive self talk so we can accept ourselves fully & give ourselves unconditional love.

Most of all the Body needs Balance in order to Thrive. ⚖️✨

If you’re ready to move into a state of balance within your body, book in for a Free 15min Discovery Call. I may be able to assist you on your journey towards balance. Send me an email for details agata@nwwc.com.au

Healing from Within,

Agata 💚💚💚

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