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Anxiety during Melbourne Covid Lockdown

There has been a common theme this week,

I have spoken to a lot of people who have,

been experiencing some form of anxiety.

Some of these people haven’t experienced symptoms

of anxiety in years.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed,

Shortness of breath,

Heart palpitations,

Chest pain,


Increased blood pressure,


feeling tense.

Believe me you are not alone.

Anxiety can flare up when there is change coming.

When we’re headed into the unknown.

When we’re thinking too much about the future.

When we’re feeling isolated.

When we’re feeling stuck.

When we’ve done all of the things and work to get what we want,

And it still hasn’t manifested yet into our reality.

When we’re ready for our next chapter,

And we’re still waiting,

On stand-by.

If you’re not there yet…

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok!

It’s going to be ok,

You’re going to be ok.

It’s ok to be in your own lane.

In fact…

You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

You haven’t missed anything.

I know nothing makes sense right now,

And you feel like you’ve gone off track…


There is nothing wrong with you.

You’re on the right path.

If you feel lost,

Simply ask for directions.

Focus on shifting your Energy.

Do just one thing today to shift your focus.

Go for a walk,

Go on a bike ride,

Practice yoga,

Listen to your favourite tunes,


Do guided meditation,

Call a friend,

Have a virtual coffee/tea date,

Lay in nature,


Draw or paint,

Listen to a podcast,

Read a new book,


Clean your space,

Cook or bake,

Declutter one room.

Create a vision board of your desired life.

And remember to Breathe.

You’ve got this!

I believe in You!

I see You!

Ignite your inner healing LIGHT!

Healing from Within,

Love Agata


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