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Are you SNEEZING your way through the day?

About 16 years ago, I was sitting in a classroom

as a teenager and trying to manage my hay fever.

My eyes were itchy, I would have tears coming down

my cheeks,

I was congested and couldn’t stop sneezing.

I wouldn’t leave the house without a bunch of tissues.

I dreaded the season of Spring!

This went on for years…

I tried so many things, including medication,

which my body was not responding to,

I achieved zero results and felt very frustrated.

I used to get people coming up to me and asking

me “are you crying?”

It wasn’t until I started asking the question of,

‘how can I help reduce my symptoms and enjoy

being outside?’

I started searching for a better way…

I consulted with Naturopaths and discovered

that my diet was playing a huge role.

I was also given specific supplements to help

reduce my hay fever symptoms.

I then went on to study Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine,

And gained further insight about how to help others with their symptoms…

So that they too could enjoy spending time outside,

especially in Spring.

I achieved amazing results with my clients,

I Love that I am now able to educate my clients on

treating the cause of their symptoms.

Are you ready to go outside and experience life?

Ignite your inner healing LIGHT!

Healing from Within,



Thank you to Agata for helping me with my hayfever this season, and possibly for the rest of my life. I have lived with hayfever for most of my life (Almost 40 years) and thought I would never find anything that would relieve my symptoms, to the point I don’t really require to take any medications. I was recommended to go and see a Naturopath and found Agata at The Narre Warren Wellness Centre. Agata has helped me almost cure my hayfever, and I can now go out in those really windy days and enjoy the day, instead of trying to hide inside, away from the wind. My work requires me to spend 70% of the day out in the elements so without Agata’s help I’d be a complete withering mess. I highly recommend anyone who has hayfever/allergies symptoms to go and see Agata at The Narre Warren Wellness Centre. She has definitely helped me. Thank you.- Dave Curtis​

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