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Our Naturopath Agata works with you to Guide you up the mountain on your journey towards optimal health and wellbeing. She guides you towards reclaiming your Energy so that you can bring Joy back into your life and create beautiful memories. 

Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hours):

During this first visit Agata gets to know you through asking you questions about your journey and health. You get to experience basic Naturopathic Testing which includes; iridology, hydration, circulation, tongue analysis, skin analysis. Our Naturopath addresses any potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies and gives you your 7-day Food Diary to complete. 

Agata is interested in your Health Goals and asks you to select your short-term and long-term aims. Our Naturopath then spends time researching your case and develops a personalised treatment plan tailored to your health goals. 

1st Follow-up visit (45min): 

In this session Agata presents your personalised treatment plan, explaining the goals, priorities and maps out your journey up the mountain. Time frame of duration of visits is also addressed depending on whether you're in acute, sub-acute or chronic stage of your condition. If there are any tests that need to be done Agata will let you know during this session.

e.g. food allergy testing, cortisol, iron studies, hormone profile, thyroid function test, liver function test, check for inflammation etc. 

2nd follow-up visit (30 min standard or 45min extended): 

During the next few visits you will receive resources, handouts, recipes, links, dietary and lifestyle advice to ensure you have everything you need. 

You will also be monitored with your blood pressure if needed. 

Online Adult Consultations are a convenient way to access support with your health no matter where you are located. You can fit your consultation in around your work day, kids and other activities from the comfort of your own home. 

Acute 15min Naturopathic Consultations for those that are in need of immune support are available on Online and Phone. 

There are so many layers to health, it's never just one thing. Your Naturopath Agata will support you during your healing journey. 

Agata believes that life is a celebration and adventure awaits you!

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When I saw Agata almost 2 years ago, I was feeling generally unwell within. Lack of energy, stressed, hormone imbalance and a few other health issues. I can honestly say that I'm feeling so much better at this point in my life. I am so great full for all the wonderful advice Agata has given. I couldn't have done it without her.

- Annette Carosella


To all those wondering about whether or not to go see a naturopath? Yes!!! Go
I totally recommend it.
Agata from Narre Warren Wellness Centre was recommended to me by my doctor, BEST thing my doctor did.
I was constantly sick last year and I mean constantly. 
My immune system was down and I just couldn't pick myself up catching every virus and bug going around!! I ended up with pneumonia so I really needed to think outside the square.
Since going to Agata it has been 5 whole months without any sickness at all 
Agata is understanding, compassionate, shows empathy, understanding of your environment and will work with you ,she truly is wonderful. 
Thank you again Agata for everything you have done for me and getting me back on track. 
- Bernie Howard 
(A very grateful patient)

Since seeing Naturopath Agata I have noticed a massive difference in myself positively. I am super happy with all of my sessions with Agata and she has been very helpful throughout this process.
- Karlee

Thank you to Agata for helping me with my hayfever this season, and possibly for the rest of my life. 

I have lived with hayfever for most of my life (Almost 40 years) and thought I would never find anything that would relieve my symptoms, to the point I don’t really require to take any medications. I was recommended to go and see a Naturopath and found Agata at The Narre Warren Wellness Centre. Agata has helped me almost cure my hayfever, and I can now go out in those really windy days and enjoy the day, instead of trying to hide inside, away from the wind. My work requires me to spend 70% of the day out in the elements so without Agata’s help I’d be a complete withering mess. 

I highly recommend anyone who has hayfever/allergies symptoms to go and see Agata at The Narre Warren Wellness Centre. She has definitely helped me. 
Thank you.

- Dave Curtis

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