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🔄🌈 Navigating our way through Grief 🔄🌈

Have you ever watched a stream of water

gently flowing along?

The water is always moving,

In a direction knowingly.

It’s almost like it holds a great certainty

in where it’s headed.

It surrenders to the current.

Feelings are only temporary…


It’s not who we really are.

When we feel sadness or grief,

We’re simply experiencing an emotion.

Like a stream we can slowly move through

the feeling with guidance and support.

We simply need to acknowledge that it is

present and that it is ok.

We also need to want to move along,

To swim through it,

One stroke at a time.

Trusting that this too shall pass.

We need to have a burning desire to

break free of the emotion.

Our Why needs to be strong,

Our dreams need to want to be lived!

Our purpose needs to be clear.

There are different types of grief,

A passing of a loved one,

A break up from a relationship,

Separated from family,

Moving away from a life you loved,

Leaving a job, you loved.

Old grief can come up,

This happens when there is a part

within us that needs to be healed.

You may get triggered by people,

Know that it’s all coming up to be

cleared & healed.

It’s not easy,

It’s emotional,

It’s challenging,

It takes time.

Know that there is a gift in your triggers.

You will get to a place where you feel,

Peace and Harmony within yourself.

Work on aligning with yourself & the rest will follow.

Remember you are not your Emotions.

P.S. If you feel something come up for you after reading

this post, send me an email I may be able to assist you.

Ignite your inner healing LIGHT! ✨✨✨💥✨✨✨

Healing from Within,

Agata 💚💚💚

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